Sustainability and environmental conservation: we support a renewable circular economy


In OMNIA we recover the by-product of the food industry to create leather products of the highest quality.

Innovation, creativity and "savoir-faire", the hallmarks of Made in Italy, interact to give added value to leather, which already has characteristics that cannot be attributed to other materials.

At Omnia we feel we are an active part of this chain, that creates value for the product, and in doing so we keep the focus on traceability and environmental sustainability.

This vision looks to the future, from people's wellbeing to environmental protection, from stakeholder relations to territorial enhancement: these are the fundamental pillars of Omnia Srl's Corporate Social Responsibility.


Operating sustainably means creating value.

The models of sustainable development that inspire Omnia are aimed at respecting nature and limiting environmental impact. Environmental sustainability means responsibility in the use of resources.

The Green economy, as defined by the UN, "is an economy that produces human well-being and social equity, while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity. In its simplest terms, a green economy can be thought of as a low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive economy".

This is not an abstract ideal, but a development model to which everyone can contribute by becoming aware that every action we take has an impact on the environment. We can all reduce our impact on the environment by improving the quality of our everyday actions. We can use renewable energy, separate our waste, reduce the use of plastic and avoid wasting energy.

Following these important lines of modern times, Omnia operates with consolidated partnerships with tanneries that comply with the same concepts of sustainability and are LWG certified, and actively collaborates with important reference customers in the market with a view to participating in global compliance.


We trace materials to protect the end consumer.

We trace the origin of raw materials, in order to have a high level of control over the upstream supply chain, that for us is a strategic priority. Today, the very concept of quality has changed from product-driven quality (now taken for granted) to market-driven quality.

The end customer becomes an integral part of the assets of the whole chain, and therefore needs to be protected, wherever he or she may be in the world.

Hence our commitment to guaranteeing a raw material that fully meets the requirements, gradually refining the ethical responsibility that is already a part of our way of working.

Omnia is charting its course to obtain official certification from an accredited institute to certify its usual work.


Circularity, renewability and eco-compatibility as ethical guidelines.

Sustainability for us is that complex of actions and processes that have become attitudes, carried out with the awareness that each of them has a repercussion in terms of cultural growth in the environment and the territory to which it belongs.

Circularity, renewability and eco-compatibility are the guidelines of the vision of our nearest future, which must be built with the community of which we feel an integral part.

Omnia is an active part of the Veneto Leather District (Nord-Est of Italy), which was created by the people of the area with the specific objective of joining forces and bringing together the various components of the entire supply chain, providing that precious wealth of experience, so that together we can continue along the precious way of sustainability and growth of our entire territory.

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