We are skilled in leathers for Safety and Outdoor footwear

Leathers for safety footwear

Soft nappa, smooth touch, thicknesses and brightness points according to specific requests,
functional and performing safety hydro for the working world or outdoors,
soft and smooth natural leather linings for maximum comfort

Highly functional leathers suitable for safety and outdoor footwear, the hydro repellent treatment gives an added value.

mustang MUSTANG

nubuck leather, Hydro, treated with oils and waxes for Pull-Up effect

dakar DAKAR

nubuck leather, Hydro, treated with oils and waxes for Pull-Up effect

rio RIO

nubuck leather, Hydro, slightly corrected grain

nabuk NABUK

Nubuck leather, velvet effect to exalt the shades on the top, Hydro

Soft nappa, full hand or gentler touch, full grain or slightly corrected grain, smooth tacts, thicknesses and brithness point according to specific requests.

marlin MARLIN

soft nappa, tumbled, silky touch, very thin grain

venus VENUS

soft nappa, full grain, silky touch, fine-grained leather

bardolino BARDOLINO

soft nappa, full grain, brightly leather as per request

garda GARDA

soft nappa, full grain, fine-grained leather, bright as per request

soave SOAVE

plain leather crust, soft touch, suitable for use of creams or others finishing, on finished footwear.

movie MOVIE

Smooth nappa, soft to the touch, pigmented, suitable for footwear and leather goods

Natural hides that stand out for their high level of quality, perfect for lining footwear ensuring the highest levels of comfort, softness and naturallity.

500 500

Soft hand of firmer, based on request, traited in dying to give an uniform appearance

anilina ANILINA

full natural leather, with pure aniline

semi fix SEMI FIX

Soft-hand, with a slighltly uniform appearance

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